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Desktop Audio topics

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    What is the nature of the Audio Line Out connection on the back of my Desktop?  Is thisdigital output?  Do I need a digital cable with SPDIF connectors?  I am looking for digital output that I can send to an external DAC.


    Thanks for any suggestions

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    Hi All:

    I have the desktop HP Envy Phoenix 800-030qe with Beats Audio. I am running the latest version of Windows 10PC.pngMyPCSpecs


    I can not lauch the HP Beats Control Panel. It kept stating that it could not locate the driver IDTNC64.cpl. I located the driver in my C: Program Files/IDT. I clicked to open the Beats Control Panel and browsed to where the file was, clicked open and nothing happened (did it several times).


    So, I right clicked the shortcut and fixed the target. All of those related files in my IDT folder disappeared as did the icon for the Beats Control Panel.


    How can I reinstall this application?

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  • 07/29/18--13:04: headphone jack useless
  • Plugging a headphone that I recently purchased into the audio jack on the side lets the microphone on the headset to work, but does not mute the system speakers and let me hear sound through the headset only. Anyone else having the same issue? I have no clue whether this machine will accept any other audio drivers other then the Realtek that is pre-installed on the machine. Any and all help is appreciated.


    Thank you



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    I have an HP Pavillion all-in-one with one speaker input - I want to use my external speakers and also need to use a headset for DialPad calls - I got a headset and splitter but it doenst work for both - is there another input I can use for either or do I need to unplug when I want to use one or the other? Also, where can I find a schematic online for the ports in the back of the PC - I misplaced the one that came with it. Many thanks in advance,

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  • 08/03/18--19:34: Can not connect to earphone
  • I have been using HP Spectre since last October. Recently, I encountered a problem where the sound does not go through the earphone whenever I connect the earphone jack through the earphone port. It does not happen before and I have no idea why it happened. FYI, I never drop my laptop or something like that. Someone in BestBuy said that there may be problems with the inside part and he said it is best to contact HP as soon as possible. I tried to update the latest drive through device manager (sound, video, and game controllers) and the system said the latest update has already been installed. Is there anything I can do? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Is there a way to stop the S5000 2.0 speakers from timing out? I'm currently using them on a TV, and within 15mins or so of no activity the speakers need turning on again. Is there a way to stop this from happening?


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    Since upgrading to Windows 10 last week I have been unable to get audio from my computer. The icon in the system tray shows a pop-up that says, "No speakers or headphones are plugged in." If I open the Sounds control window, however, it shows that my speakers are plugged in. I can also unplug them and see the change in that window. I have run the audio troubleshooter and it says that the audio services aren't running. I checked that as well and they seem to be. I also believe I'm running the most up to date Realtek audio driver. I'll upload a screenshot of the windows I've used to try to troubleshoot the problem myself. Thanks.Audio Issues.JPG

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    Which USB port to use form mic/headset?

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    So I notice there were all dated 2017, didn't see any 2018 posts - so my machine came a week or so ago and same issue; no bass.  So after searching around, I updated the convenant driver via device manager and had to get a TRRS convertor cable.


    You think HP would of UPDATED the Covenant driver before shipping out the machine..  Really, spent days screwing around with this. 

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    I did a win 10 update and now the sound volume is VERY low, I deleted the driver and rebooted for another to be installed, didn't work so I went to HP Recovery and reinstalled the Realtek driver from there but nothing changed.  I bought this pc 6 weeks ago and the store will repair for free if yet again, I have purchased another HP faulty item.



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    I have two HP 27 curved monitors connected to my docking station via HDMI digital jacks.   I'm attempting to hear through the monitors and I hear nothing.  

    #1 - please confirm that these monitors have built in speakers?

    #2 - I do not have any other audio devices plugged in (no headphones, no nothing).  I do not wish to send the audio through headphones at all.  I need the audio to play from the computer out through the monitor speakers.  

    #3 - on the computer, under Audio Devices, the Playback device is selected to "HP 27 curved intel"

    #4 - I have updated the drivers from your website and ensured that my computer is uptodate as well.


    How do I get sound to issue from the monitor speakers.


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    Hi there,

       I unboxed this laptop yesterday and the speakers aren't working. The headphone jack is working great, but I can't get any audio out the main speakers.

       I specified this model into the HP website and downloaded and installed the most recent audio driver: Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver Windows 10 v 1703 Version When I play any music I hear nothing from the main speakers. Selecting the Speaker/Headphone properties in the taskbar, I can open the enabled Realtek High Definition Audio(SST) Controller. It shows the Speaker/Headphone device and I can see the green bar jumping up and down but I'm not hearing anything.

       When I run the troubleshooter, it fails to resolve the issue. I've ran all the Windows updates possible and updated the Chipset driver. I can only think to do a system restore or that the speakers are damaged. The laptop is covered on waranty but I thought you could guide me to resolve this.

       Thank you!

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    I have a hp prodesk 600 g1 sff. I want to upgrade a graphic card with hdmi or display port which can transfer sound signal as well(there should be sound chips in the low profile video card). Is there anyone who know some video card works?


    I will connect my pc to my AV receiver. That's why I need it to transfer sound & video at the same time. 


    hp support website gives 4 video cards(with part number) without upgrade PSU, anyone know which one has sound chips on the graphic  card and how can I tell?


    nVidia Quadro NVS315 PCIe x16 graphics card, 1GB
    nVidia Quadro NVS310 PCIe x16 graphics card, 512MB
    AMD Radeon HD8490 PCIe x16 graphics card, 1GB
    AMD Radeon HD8350 DH PCIe x16 graphics card, 1GB DDR3

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    Moved to Notebooks as this is NOT a desktop

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    I have the HP ENVY 24 with beats audio monitor and the sound just randomly stopped working and not sure why. When I test the speakers on the bottom they still work, but the sound will not play when used for videos, music, etc.

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    a high pitch sound streaming out of sound speakers. I rebooted and nothing. There is a problem with my audio device. I have uninstalled and reinstalled audio driver on the device manager. To no luck. On the sound tab under playback it says no audio devices found.       Set default is greyed out so not permissable and hardware changes were not found. One other error message, scan for recent hardware completed...... Anyone??

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    I can't use my laptop Bluetooth. I have my Bluetooth options but cannot pair a new device, and either connect older paired devices. My Bluetooth icon is not even visible.


    I have looked all over Google but now solution sorts this problem. 



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    Hello. I have problem with no sound from mic in windows 10.

    Maybe you can solve my problem.

    So far I have tried...


    Diffrent headsets with 3.5 connectors.

    Verified microphone connected to correct default device in audio settings.

    No errors in device manager.

    Updated latest realtek driver.

    Allowed mic to use apps in privacy settings.

    Mic detected in Hp audio switch software.

    windows troubleshooting found no problem.


    Sorry for my english. Hope you can help. Thanks


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  • 08/13/18--03:53: Audio problem
  • Hey, I uninstalled this thing "High Definition Audio Device" and I want to reinstall it, when I reinstalled it, it doesn't detect my headphones, also microphone. How can this thing happen


    P.S: I uninstalled the driver because I want to know what happen

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  • 08/17/18--14:04: Audio driver problem
  • So, long story short I had to reset my computer to brand new because it was running a bit slow and I had multiple files that I needed to delete. I had reset through the settings, nothing went wrong until I was able to get into Windows.


    My volume button on the bottom right had a red X saying, "no audio output device is installed". I looked everywhere for answers, I even went through all the steps of the virtual assistant but nothing.


    The closest I've gotten was going to device manager, then installing an audio driver manually by selecting from a list. That brought my audio back, but now it only works on my right side.


    I know it's not a speaker defect because when an aux is plugged directly to the speakers, both sides work fine. This also happens when headphones are plugged in so I'm guessing it's the audio driver. Any help?

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