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Desktop Audio topics

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    I just got this computer and when I turn it off there is a feedback hum coming from my sepakers. I connect back to the old laptop and it does not happen. My speakres are BOSE.

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  • 09/09/18--09:23: hp elite 8000 sff sound card
  • i have hp elite 8000 sff & the output from the audio jacks (both) is no sound at all, only sound from computer itself will work, do i need to replace the sound card or do i have other problem ? thanks, reply please

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        Over the last few weeks, a volume slider has remained to the left top of the screen.  It goes in and out and slowly the volume goes from 100 to zero.  I tried reinstalling driver, changing speakers, but nothing seems to help.

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    i cant get  sound through hdmi

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  • 09/12/18--09:15: Audio
  • Volevo sapere se questo modello di pc supporta l audio spaziale. Se si, perché non mi fa apportare le modifiche audio?

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  • 09/13/18--12:35: Beats audio missing now
  • We reset my computer due to it being really slow and now there is no sound and trouble shooter said it cant fix it please help!!!!! i need sound due to me being a youtuber and use this computer for editing videos!!

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    I inherited this computer from my sister and was cleaning up programs she had that i wouldn't use.  In my clean up, I accidently deleted the program IDT Audio, not knowing it was the sound driver.  After deleting, I restarted my computer and found that Microsoft downloaded a generic audio driver to replace it.  I am trying to reinstall the IDT Audio driver but it will not install.

    I went to  this link to redownload the driver for Windows 8

    it goes through the download but then I get an error that it cannot install because I don't meet system requirements.  But the only requirements it has is that I have Windows 8 and am a system administrator, which I am, i've double checked that. I can't get the update or the driver itself, I get the same error each time code is (9996). i tried restarting and downloading again, but this issue persists.  I haven't fiddled with the innards of the computer at all so the card is still there, i just can't get the driver to reinstall so it'll work the way it used to.


    I also ran an HP Diagnositic audio test and it failed, but gave me no Failure ID in order to try anything new.

    The only sound device showing on the device manager is the microsoft one, the IDT Audio one isn't showing at all since the uninstall. All the other fixes I've found have pointed me in a loop to the Device Manger that doesn't show what i need or the driver reinstall, but that doesn't work.  HELP!

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    where i can find driver and software for hp internet handset gm320aa ? thanks in advance !


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  • 09/16/18--03:46: Sound app wont go away
  • 41799488_983969708456375_6090350766319468544_n.jpg That sound thing will not go away. I am kind of terrible at computers so its propably an easy fix

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  • 09/17/18--06:14: Audio Device not plugged in
  • Hi All...


    Quick question.


    My desktop crashed and was unable to restart. It could not fix is self. I eventualy managed to retreive a previous version and allowed it to restart.


    Since then, my speaker icon has a red cross and I find that I have a message telling me that my Audio Device is not plugged in.


    Ive seen a number of comments on the next about this and it seems that I need to reinstall my drivers.


    Ive done this via the Official HP website. I reloaded them, shut my system down and restarted it, but I still get the

    red cross on my speaker icon. I plugged in a set of headphones into the headphone socket but got NO sounds either.


    When I go into Device Manager and look at my Sound,video and games controllers directory, it shows up as:


    "This device is working properly."


    Could this imply that there is something else wrong and that I may not get my sound back again?


    Any help appreciated ...


    Many thanks





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  • 09/18/18--09:36: monitor audio input
  • Hello, i recently purchased a HP21kd monitor@ Best Buy to replace an old one,  I imagined that all monitors are equipped with audio input jacks.

    Upon opening i realized there was none, but comes with built-in speakers. Please advise as to how to connect the sound, 

    Please help, Thanks Trini29

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    HP Desktop p7-1240 

    Windows 10

    Beats audio

    IDT High Def Audio CODEC



    speakers plugged into rear jack

    headphones plugged into front jack

    no microphone being used


    Goal >>>To be able to switch between headphones and speakers and not have to unplug the headphones ea time.As of now  have to plug and unplug the headphones when want to use them instead of speakers.


    Clicking the speaker icon in the notification area of windows shows 2 options:

    1. Communications Headphones (IDT high definition audio 

    2. Speakers/Headphones (IDT high definition audio 

    The first selects the headphones in front jack and 2nd option selects the speakers in rear jack.


    Problem>>> Selecting the 2nd option (speakers) works for about 5 seconds.  The sound comes out of speakers and not headphones, which is correct.  It then switches and sound only comes out of headphones and speakers are silent.

    Under Manage audio devices > Playback tab - setting either to default didn't resolve.


    Is this aWindows issue? or HP issue?  Would installing a sound card resolve?  

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    May you plz tell me the location of spdif cable in my motherboard ?
    I am using HP Compaq Pro 6300 Microtower PC

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    I recently factory reset this desktop as it was beggining to slow down. Once I tried to test my headphones following the reset, my desktop will not detect any headphones or speakers that work on other devices. When I scroll over the speaker icon in the bottom right, it says, 'No speaker or headphones are plugged in' . After troubleshooting, it says 'the audio peripheral doesnt seem to be plugged in'. Ive tried several solutions online and through hp support and they all have not workerd. Thanks a lot

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  • 09/20/18--11:51: Re: HDMI Driver
  • I also have an Audio problem, but the intel 4600 graphics driver reports "up to date" when I run update driver in the device manager.


    Hp pavillion Model #: 550-047c purch Aug 2015
    Serial #: MXX52613DX Product #: L9L32AA#ABA


    The problem has been there since day 1.  I know, I'm out of warranty, but, living with it on what is my primary comptuer is a real pita and I can't justify purchasing a new computer to address it.


    The audio works until the audio output ends.  For example, when I play a youtube video and the audio ends, the computer then outputs a constant tone until the next audio begins... for example, I can terminate the tone by opening volume control and click on the slider to generate a "bong"


    I have a wav file of the tone, but there is no way to attach files here.


    Anyone have any hope for a lost soul?


    Thanks in advance for any pointers,

    Beverly Howard



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    After a recent update to Windows 10 my PC does not recognize the Bang & Olufsen Speakers on my All in One. I've checked the Device Manager under "Sound, Video, and Game Controller". The drivers that come up are for my Beats headphones and Intel Display Audio. I've tried updating those drivers but are all up to date. When I right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right there is a "Speaker Setup (UNKNOWN)" options that only allows me to toggle on or off. Not sure what else I can check.


    Any help will be appreciated!

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    Soo i have an hp pavillion p6620f but there are some issues so when i got it it made weird noises and no sound came. I dont know whats wrong do i have to buy a speaker is it not windows 10 compatible or something else. Have a goodday or night and goodbye

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    I'm trying to connect my bluetooth headset to my windows 7 computer HP 850-055qe , but 3 bluetooth peripheral device drivers aren't found. I'm using Broadcom 43142 Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter driver version

    The headphones are sony wh1000xm2. I already contacted sony but they said to contact the computer manufacturer.

    How can I install the drivers for:




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    Just bought a HP 27 Curved Display and I get no sound.  I'm connected with the HDMI cable that came with the monitor.  

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    connecting tape drive to back port audio line-in, not recognized by HP Envy 700PC

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