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    So. It all started yesterday 11.10.2018. I was at school and my sound worked just fine. I wanted to shut my computer down and I saw the option: "Shut down and update". Well I did not want to update so I force shut it down. Then I came home and my sound did not work. I saw the red "X" in the toolbar on the sound icon. Well I thought that it was a small thing. I put my mouse over it and it says: "No audio output device is installed".

    So it was a problem now. I watched a video on youtube and it told me to go to device manager and uninstall everything under the "sound,controller and gaming" or something like that and I did uninstall everything there. Then it told me to check for missing things or scan something like that. I did it and nothing happened. So the problem grew.


    The I remember that I force shutted my computer rather than update to perhaps updating will save the day. And it did not. I watched more videos and read a lot more things. I tried to download the audio driver from HP homepage and the installation did not work coming up with an error message.


    So I tried the last resort. Refreshing my computer completely. I waited for many hours and well. I was certain it would work. As it "should" bring back all the original devices and things right? Well it did not. My sound still did not work. It was getting very problematic. I waited till the night and at school next day I realized that my laptop was now extremely slow. Booting it up took like 10 minutes whilst usually it took only a minute as this is an gaming computer. I have not tried any games yet but my sound doesnt work anyway.


    Loading up pages takes forever. I took me atleast 20 min to get here to HP support. 


    So please. I ask if anyone can come up with anything. Please.



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    My Bang and Olufsen Sound base is not working. When I scorll the mouse over my volume icon it says "No Audio Output Device is installed." I've tried doing an update on my Device Manager>sound, video and game controllers>Intell(R) Display Audio & >NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM), I selected "Search Automatically," but it just brings me to a page saying "The best drivers for your device are already installed."


    I need my sound back :(


    Any help would be much appreciated!!! 


    HP Bang and Olufsen trouble shoot.JPG

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    Up until recently my headset had been working fine, both on my PC and my mobile phone. However, when I tried to use it for a Discord call, I was only able to hear my friend, they could not hear me. I played with all the settings on Discord and it didn't help. When I look at any of the device or sound menus on my actual PC, it doesn't show up as headphones or microphone. How is it that I can hear, but not be heard?

    Both when it worked and when it didn't it was plugged int the headset jack on the front of the PC, which has a symbol of headphones with a mic on them. Plugging it just into the microphone jack at the back doesn't work.

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    After the recent Win 10 maintenance update, my laptop had NO sound. I installed the appropriate driver for Realtek High Definition Audio and now I have sound, but it's very low and kind of odd and tinny, even though I have made sure volume is set to the max. Can someone please help?

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  • 10/14/18--06:01: sound trouble
  • Hello I would greatly appreciate any help with my sound problem.  I just reinstalled win10 pro 64 bit. Lost the sound completely. I have tried downloading different drivers and got my self in a bit of a mess.  In windows 10 before I had the beats sound mixer when I reinstalled I lost all sound and beats. I have the beats program back but cannot play mp3s . Still cannot get my audio to work correctly .  My model # is H8-1360t. desktop tower.  purchased about 5 yrs ago with win7 ultimate installed. It's still a great machine.  could use a lifeline!  Thanks for any help


    Also I recieve this error message from HP diagnostics test RGF3ML-0098X-QFFWWJ-21SW13

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    I am trying to use my new computer HP Envy all-in-one with curved screen to watch foreign TV which I receive via a satellite dish and a connecting box.

    My old computer (a Sony all-in-one) never had any problem: I simply connected an HDMI cable from the back of the box to the “HDMI In” connector of the all-in-one, and, once I selected the Input correctly as the signal coming from the box, I was all set!

    Sadly with my new HP ENVY, even if it does have an “HDMI In” at the back, I am not able to receive any sound from the satellite TV. I am getting video image from the satellite channels — but no sound at all. 

    What is even more disappointing is that I especially bought new this expensive model because not only of the curved screen but because it had an HDMI IN (Andy not only an HDMI OUT connector).

    Could someone please help? 


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  • 10/15/18--10:11: Audio
  • My desktop is constantly speaking out an audio ad?  Is it possible to stop it?

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  • 10/16/18--13:32: Speakers
  • speaker not working can you help?thanks

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    After the last update my audio stopped working; version 1803 installed on 9/15/2018

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    Does anyone know how to re-install HP Beats Audio to Windows 10 64Bit OS?

    I tried installing the service pack driver, but it says the hardware isn't compatible.  It worked fine when it was new and right up until I put W10; it's the same hardware so why does it think the software can't work?



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    The sound system is not working in my HP  laptop..

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    Sound does not work, No sound driver.  HP does not have drivers for this computer, probably because it is so old.  It worked prior to reset.


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    I have the monitor and my speakers are making no sounds. It does work if headphones are plugged in the monitor. When I unplug, there is still no sound. I did some troubleshooting and the problem was not solved. What should I do?

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    I reset windows because it wouldnts start. Opted to save all my files. now I have no sound. I really dont know if sound was working before reset because other family members (kids) had been on computer and it was first time i tried to use. I cant enter uefi test on start by pushing F2 for some reason. But all other avenues of testing show device not found (sound). when I look where my sst drivers should be there is nothing. Im guessing its a hard ware issue since one of the Hp test says hardware issue but idk if i need drivers or  a sound card or what. and if i need to go into the hardware, will i just need to replace sound card? any ideas would be helpful because im lost.

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    Hello everyone,

    after cca 3 hours of reading every post here on this Forum and what i cold find on internet i must ask for your help since i've tried all the solutions that helped others.


    HP Compaq 8200 Elite Convertible Minitower

    Win 10Pro x64  with the latest updates

    Line In: MMDEVAPI\AudioEndpoints
    The Problem is only with the rear Panel and when connected to the front it is working normaly. I've also tested if the PC detects when i connect Mic to the rear Panel and it does detects when i connect the Mic.

    Not sure when this started or if its related with the latest Win update since i wasn't using the Mic for a long period of time, until yesterday when i noticed using Discord. Then i tested it on other Programs  and realised that it is not working at all. :(

    I've tried all solutions like unistalling, restarting etc. I even played with the services.msc settings among other things but no luck. :(

    Thanks in Advance

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    I was trying to run Quicken 2015 on my computer and the screen would flicker and then Windows would log out.  When I log back in, any program that I had opened would be closed.  

    on a whim, I added a video card to see if that would fix the problem.  That appears to have fixed the problem.

    However, now my sound isn't working properly.  I have 2 devices that I output sound to (for some computer functions I use one, for other computer functions I use the other).  The 2 devices are a TV and a headset.  In order to get the headset to work, I have to go into the bios and enable the on board audio.  When I do that, only the headset works.  In order to get the speakers in the HDMI monitor to work, I have to go back into the bios and change the on board sound to "auto."


    The video card is an MSI Radeon R7 240.  This video card is PCI-e 3.0 16x and the motherboard slot that I am using is for PCI-e 16x.  


    I was thinking about manually installing the driver (Windows 8.1 installed it automatically).  However, the problem that I am describing is not a huge problem so I might be more inclined to just let it go instead of risking messing something up.

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    I see the recommendation for getting a CD that has fallen inside my new AIO HP is to remove the back cover.  I need instructions on how to remove the back cover please.  Not sure what info you need on my computer but here is what I can find:


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    Help me

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    Hello, I have the exact same problem. I purchased the screen from LDLC where the technical details says :


    H.P. Intégrés OuiPuissance sonore 4 x 7 W


    which stands for "integrated HP" yes and sound power 4x7w

    I was thus expecting sound from the screen itself and not from connected speakers.


    Same wrong technical sheet at "la FNAC" where I can read

    • Dispositifs intégrés 4 haut-parleurs

    Are we sure this screen as no integrated sound ???


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    Hello everybody!


    I've got an issue with (as the title says) my IDT HD Audio Codec missing. I've just noticed it due to sound loss while switching from an USB-headset to a double-jack one. I've tried with two USB-headsets and both have worked perfectly but as soon as the jacks are involved nothing comes through. The promblem is that my computer doesn't seem to detect what I plug in the jack ports and from what I've read it should be caused by my IDT HD Audio Codec missing. I can't find a way to install it and I was hoping a kind soul here could help me. :) 


    Thanks in advance,



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